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When my bass hit's hit the deck, my 808's out of control

When I pull the pin on my ESX ya'll hater's better find a hole

I put in work send it off to Dirk in the 205 down in Alabama

From the 604 up on Buckhorn Place

It's THE UMP, I'm producing them country slammers







Get drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk,drunk, drunk drunk

Get drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk everybody





I'm about to do it, I'm a get it done

Pour up another drink, let's have some fun

And tell your favourite bartender, go on make it strong

I'm making people get drunk, while they play this song

I make them go bannana's, west coast representer

Perminantly up in the game, while most of these rapper's fade like henna

They trying to hold me back, like the wind on my antenna

Put in on for the Whiss that BC hundred percenter

It's THE UMP, get yourself a shot, get yourself a drink

Get yourself a bottle if that's how you think

Bottom's up, tip your cup

If you hit bottom enough it'll have you trippin up

No beer here, I'm wearing vodka goggles

Vision's blurred up like I'm staring through some vodka bottles

I can barely walk, suffering from vodka waddles

But I met to chick's, right now they look like vodka model's




Man how you feeling? Ive had a few

Man how about you, I'm Pepe le Pued

A couple shot's to the dome now I'm in the mood

A couple more, now I'm screwed and i'm acting rude

It won't improve your manners

Or improve your grammer

It might just improve the odd's 

By lowering your standard's

When I get enamored, pocket flask Russian Standard

climb to high up the ladder

Might wind up in the slammer

Ever heard the term drunk as a skunk

Then turn the music loud hommie It's THE UMP

I pledge a leigance to the whiss I never fake the funk

She's got what's known up in the biz as junk in the trunk

Everything is moving fast, all these girl's shaking ass

Do something girl, do you need a drink to relax?

Sorry girl I'm feeling drunk

And my mind's nearly blacked

It's the boss of the pine. If you don't know check my stats







I've been working overtime, I've been working overtime

Known for bossin in the pine, I've been working overtime

I'm murdering the game, one beat at a time

I've been merkin overtime, in the lab and at the range it's

Overtime I've been working overtime

Known for bossin in the pine, I've been working overtime

I'm murdering the game, one beat at a time

I've been merkin overtime, in the lab and at the range it's

I've been working overtime, I've been worki



To all these puppet politicians pimping out my f@#$ing province

Money, power, domination, taking out all opposition

Ain't that funny, what people do for the money

Eventually you gonna get stung if you can't keep your hands out the honey

They take some crown land, sell it off to China

Like a rich paid girl, selling cheap vagina

They take our resources and privatize them

This goes out to Steven Harper, because I despise him

I'm murdering the game, one beat at a time

Hot up in the underground, known for bossin in the pine

Keep a couple 45's, never cared that much for 9's

I'm too hard for my hometown, Whistler's gone and closed the blind's

Murder be thy name, one theif at a time

Living in your fancy house, washed your hand's of all your crime's

Just wait now it won't be long, i've been workin overtime 

In the lab and at the range as if my life was on the line







I'm on that good, I'm on that

What you smokin on, I'm smokin on that wood

I'm on that good, I'm on that good

F@#$ that GC chronic I'm a keep it hood





They grow grow it from the ground

They buy it by the pound

They sell it to their friend's, as they chop it down

Some do it just for rep, some do it just for the smoke

Some do it because they've got some kids, money for the boat

Roll up another joint, I love Lucy

Then roll up a couple more, Jim Belushi

I'm on that puff puff pass, left goes the dutchie

I'm rolling pink and purple kush with a touch a blue cheese

break out the glass, I'm a show you how to pull

Clouds formate inside the room, everytime I pack a bowl

You can bet your last loon, Umpie gonna be dropping soon

Smoking on some of that good, everytime I make a tune

I smoke it by the fist, and it's crystally like folger's

Umpie does it for the Whiss, got Whistler on my shoulder's

And I keep a vector KRISS man that bitch be spitting boulder's

At the range I never miss, in the lab it's game over




THey grow it in the soil, wrap the room in foil

They get their sleep on in the day and burn the midnight oil

Some do it for the love, some do it for the pay

Some do it as a way of life because it's the onlyway

Roll up some drama queen, Susan Lucci

A couple joint break, Gary Beussi

I had a random blue, so I called it tookie

And I be about my strains, so it get's confussing

No matter where you go, everybody love's to smoke

Umpie is a vet hommie, I can show the rope's

There's alway's more to be learned, and there's plenty to be burned

Ask me about that legal cheif, hommie I ain't to concerned

I used to move P's like I'm Vanna White

Now I'm cookin beat's up in the lab, like I'm Walter White

And for them nope boys, they can't say jack

I've sold o's like merv griffin and Pat Sayjack







Still the same uo in the Whiss, alot of silver spooner's

To all the people who think I'm rich, don't beleive the rumor's

To all these over privlaged kids, in the Whiss no shortage

I've been working 9 to 5 for years, trying to pay mom's mortgage

Say my name up in the Whiss, people know it

They wanna smoke on some of this, the hommie's grow it

Game dropping so legit, they can't expose it

These fool's ain't doing it like this, I produce my own s#$@


I'm a keep on being me, because that's all that I can be

Hommie thank's for tuning in, this is album number 3

These fools ain't doing it like this x4

These fools ain't doing it like this

I'm that solo definition 

These fools ain't doing it like this

That one man on a mission

These fool's ain't doing it like this

Hustle grinding for that distribution

These fool's ain't doing it like this

Hustle climbing for that retribution

These fool's ain't doing it like this




I came too hard, out the gate

f#$@ you I'll never change

F#$% the one's who hold me back

This is for the hommie's mang

I'm too hard, for that main stage

I'm that animal, that you cant cage

I've been thinking and I've gotta get it off my chest

I'm too real for peak season, I'm too real for Telus fest

It's the f@#$ing Ump b@#%$ that's my watermark

I've been repping Whistler since the Gondi was a water park

That's were I was raised, that's my soil

That's were I reighn , b@#$% I ain't a royal

I've been working day's, and burning midnight oil

These fool's are over paid, and they've been acting spoilled














































I'm a show you who's boss like Tony Danza

Welcome to the west, this ain't Bonanza

I'm a show you who's boss like Tony Danza

It's not you it's me, George Costanza

I'm a show em who's boss, show em , show em who's boss

I'm a show you who's boss like Tony Danza

It's not you it's me, George Costanza




I pulled up, in a white Lex

A broke white rapper ain't cashing no checks

You forgot where your from, you ain't repping your set

You couldn't find your old hood with a GPS

Welcome to the Whiss, where we play all day

And we play all night, Because it's the Whistler way

I put it down for where I'm from and people show me love

I make the croud go dumb off 808 drum

When I hit the club, I'm feelin like a star

people know me for my beats, not just for my car

I hit it in the AND, and people stop and stare

They just don't understand and I just don't care

I'm in the white leather, lookin like a trend setter

Ask about me in the Whiss, ain't nobody does it better

On it from the Christmas time, until the end of next December

Your only on once a year, kind of like a Christmas sweater







I'm too nice for my own good, I'm nice with it

I'm too nice for my own good, so nice with it

I'm too nice for my own good, too nice with it

I'm to nice for my own good, I'm too nice with it




Raised by my mom's, I don't know my dad

This songs for her, she's all I have

You can go and hate me, because you don't have to like me

I'm just trying to thank my mom for keeping me in Nike's

I remember growing up, as a kid

Playing in the snow, that's all I did

The place I live, a million thanks

multi room snow forts, in 3o foot snow banks

This is for the people, who appreciate it

This is for the people, telling me they hate it

And this is for the people, who turning up their noses

And this is for the people, who be s@#$ing roses

It's THE UMP, I'm way too nice

Riding in that dust, while you riding ice

I keep it dope, day or night

DJ go and play my track and watch me bump all night




Mom's was working hard, just to pay the bills

Copped a house in Whiss for 83 hunderd real

Root's was planted in 68, and when they poured a slab

I've been repping Whistler since the womb, don't be mad

this is for the hills, I used to tobogan

Know we run the Whiss, we ain't jogging

And we chop them tree's, we ain't logging

F#@$ with us, we'll have some lumber jacks thump your noggin 

this is for the hommies, who be singing praises

this is for the bosses, who ain't swinging raises

And this is for the people, and their 5 courses

And this is for the people, on they high horses

It's THE UMP, I'm way too nice

Cook the beat just like I'm Walter, without the blue ice

And sure I keep some thangs, and I speak with slang

But go and ask my mom, when I speak to her ain't nothing's changed







All I really gotta do is love rap, love rap, love rap, love rap

All I really gotta do to get this girl to love me back is

love rap, love rap, love rap love rap

All I really gotta do to get this girl to love me back is 

love rap

I fell in love with rap once, feeling's never change

I'll be rapping untill I'm dead, they say to act my age

I fell in love with rap once, that'll never change

I spend a fraction of my life mastering the trade




She was lookin very fine when I spotted her at the bar

backstage I was getting high, had to take her home

But I was shy, nervous, I tried flirting

tried for a minute to be a whole another person

She was brand new, she was intriguing

She said words I'd only heard on the tv

She was a little outgoing, kind of intraspective

Mouth like a sailor but it really left a message

I grabbed a guitar,hoping she would like me

Next to the piano in case she laid keys

Heard you like to boom-bap, so I'm lacing beats

Should have been working on the words in my speech

Started scoping out the scene that seemed to hold her intrest

De La, old school, can I get a witness

Eminem, Kendrick, Tribe can I kick it

Infatuation, my love is like a sickness

But I had nothing, why would she like me 

Ran back to the lab and just started writting

I did nothing but rap for 8 years

Did it off my face until I was better than my peers

And my idols, from when I was growing up

And now she loves whats coming out my mouth

It took me 10 years to learn that, to get rap to love me back

All i really gotta do is love rap




Sometimes life's got me stressed, from living double lives

I make music b@$#%, I ain't got no wives

I love it girl, bossin in the pine

just some hommies from the Whiss, known to keep it live

That's were I'm at, single male tabby cat

Storage issues at my crib, bedroom is filled with bat's and strap's

Music gear baseball caps a paisley booth is where I rap

Ask me what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to take over rap

6 foot kind of stocky, because I used to play some hockey

Got a fast whip and all the freddies trying to clock me

Used to flip elbow's and P's, now it's just strait 16's

You might see me on some dubb's bumping that new UMP







Monster in the lab, know I got these hater's mad

If you feeling sad, hommie I ain't feeling bad

I monster in the lab, know I got these hater's mad

If you feeling sad, Don't be mad




604 808 when I drum it up

I'm a f@$#ing boss, just to sum it up

Umpie make ya lean, without the double cup

don't be mad, because I'm coming up

It's about that time, I'm a show you something new

Your all up in that game and ain't got a clue

Hating on my name, wishing you was in my shoe's

Don't be mad, because I've paid my due's

Are they friend or foe

Or in the middle just like Squamish

I be f#@$ing up the game, call me Nostraudomis

And I ain't dropping any names except the Ump I promise

i'm so technilogically advanced

Your sounding like the Amish

I'm a ghetto star, local's pay me homage 

I've been rapping here for years, alway's keep it honest

I know you see me, but you don't aknowledge

Don't be mad, because I'm not a novice




I've been making beats, putting in the hours

I ain't got the time to be smelling flower's

Let them hater's hate, like a bunch of coward's

Just because I monster in the lab, I got these hater's sour

All those empty word's, save them for the bird's

Your on that Alpha Beta, this revenge of the nerd's

I'm a say it loud, and I hope they hear me

Your saved by the bell, I'm big bang theory

If you think your working hard, Im a prove you wrong

All you do is rap on beat's, I'm producing song's

Start to finish, untill I'm finished

Your in and out, like a dentist

The industry is wack, their only signing actor's

I'm a do it for the love, money ain't a factor

Hommie I'm a boss, no financial backer's

Don't be mad at a future platinum placker







I hear alot of talk, what you know about me

I hear the street's a buzz, what you know about me

I hear my name alot, what you know about me

I made this just because, you don't know about me

You don't know about me, you don't know about me

I hear my name alot, what you know about me

You don't know about me, you don't know about me

I made this just because, you don't know about me




Live from the place where I learned to ski

And learned to swim, and I learned to pee

The place I learned to board, and to do a 3

Once you get a taste, you may never leave

I do it for the sub's and the trunk head's

For the frenchie's and the aussie's sharing bunk bed's

For the tear the roof off parties when the month end's

I'm bending 808 untill the trunk dent's

For those of yall, who don't know, I had to quit flipping mang

Some people think I'm seving hard, my hommies will tell you different mang

Im in the lab day and night, my beats hard like china white

Bass is going to your dome, have you feinding more tonight

And I be on that next, cocaine lex

See me rolling around town on a roladex

Tell the po po's I ain't sending or receiving text's

And tell the magor's I ain't signing or receiving cheque's




Trials and tribulation's, living in a small town

Juiced up like deffibulator's that's the way the ball bounced

Far from cookie cutter, I was labelled as a bad apple

Now I'm turnt up with some hommies, at the crib on Crabapple

Rap game nowaday's, nothing but some pocket vulchers

Artist's signing on the line ain't nothing but some pocket watche's

Ask me for the time, It won't be long before I take it

Daily on my gring because good things come to those who make it

Feeling like a vet, in a game of rookies

The underdog, call your bookie's

When it's time to bang, opponent's playing hookie

Because I've earned my stripe's through all the hour's that it took me

Hater's scrotinize, because they can't hack it

I got em looking whiter than my leather jacket

I hear alot of talking, now let's hear you back it

I keep a bullpup shotti that's to short to rack it







I don't give a f#@$, b@#$% you can suck a d#$@

This is for them hater's trick

This ain't for them chick's

All these hater's f@$%ing crying, everytime I flip

I can see you evil eying when I'm talking to your b$#@%





This is for them slow driver's, you might see me swanggin

Rollin in the fast lane, but you ain't hanging

See me on some dubb's, looking like I'm slanging

On the 99 with some aussies's we be fangin

This is for them grower's, i'm sick of smoking purple

You've been growing that too long, that s#$@'s to commercial

That walking dead, on it's last leg like hershal

I'm thinking blockbuster, your stuck on infomercial

I've been f@#$ing working, when you think I'm sleeping

You probly think I'm slacking, when you see me creeping

I've been f@#$ing merking, chronic sack is reaking

I've got shorties twerkin, ass up on the weekend

This is for them weekend freaks, this is for them stripper's

AKA this is for them rippers

Them broke asses,s them big tipper's

As for them hater's, pour out a little liquor




It's the one and only, and I'm back again

If you don't know by now, start the track again

You might have heard of me through one of my producer tag's

I keep it underground, hommie no producer mag's

It's THE UMP, I'm an up and commer

I'm grinding full time, while you only grind in summer

To all these part time rapper's Umpie got your number

To all tghese weekend rapper's I'm a steal your thunder

From the land of banging backcountry

I got hommie's that's city and hommie's that's country

I put it down for my city, put it down for my country

Make track's, I keep it bangin like a fucking smack junkie

All these hater's get done quick

I got more hammer's than a motherf@#$ing gunsmith

But I'm too smart, never catch me on some dumbs#$@

Man f#$@ you and everybody that you run with

This is for them hater's that I'm done with

And the hommie's in the club I go dumb with

As for them hater's that be secretly bumpin

That's something I can have fun with

I grew here, you flew here

Im that oldschool hommie with a new ear

I've been repping Whistler since the day's of f@$#ing No Fear

your claiming that big hustle, but you ain't got no gear

Alot of rapper's nowaday's ain't got no ear

So I'm a put my message down here so clear

I'm strapped for them hating motherf@#$ers man no deer

As for them hating motherf#$@ers man no tear's






I made a hundred beats, I did it in my sleep

I be putting in work, that's 2 to 3 a week

Everytime I wake up, it's time for me to bake up

Everytime I boot up, I be screwing you up




These hommie's soft, soft like a Nerf

Your now tuned into the boss, the pine is my turf

You ain't heard me in awile, I still do work

And if you thinking that I'm lying, go and ask Dirk

I'm that Whistler don, Whistler never put me on

Now I'm reaching far beyond the other side of that Whistler pond

Never smoke that Bama, It's that Whistler track slammer

Hit me if you from Atlanta, I do work in Alabama 

You probly think I'm ballin, I can barely pay my rent

Get a couple beat's from me, you'll wonder where your old producer's went

Thing's were bound to change, when a hommie's love turn's to resent

Some people acting cool with me, then turn two faced like Harvey Dent

Thing's will never change, that's the game

You can put that on THE UMP, that's the name

They only sign what sell's, they only buy what's signed

I'm a keep producing classic's, like bossin in the pine




It's for the Whiss, every single track

Catch me near the pine ripping single track

Hit me for a beat if your single lack's

@BOSSofthePINE I'll bring your single back

Do you like it slow, or do you like it fast

Let your hommie know, I'm up to the task

Do you have the flow, is all I gotta ask

I'll produce the dope if you produce the cash

Coincidental, talking about instrumental's

What's that on the stove, curried lentil's

Bicontinental, probly drive your neighbor's

Because I got a crystal white lex, drive it like a rental

Rythm never slow's down, Ya'll gonna here THE UMP coming

Even if I slip up, Im a hit the ground running

Only place to go is up, I.m a keep on drumming

Never gonna give up, Alpine Underground run it







Have you seen her, have you seen her

Goddam man she's fine, and she's so refined

I can't get her out my mind

Have you seen her, have you seen her

Shorties shine could dull a nine

Thinking of a line, so I can take her home make her mine

Have you seen her, have you seen her

There's a couple out tonight

Might have game to take one home

If you keep your game on tight

Have you seen her, have you seen her

I'm waiting for the time that's right

I'm a make my move, when the light's turn on I'm a strike




I'm from the sea 2 Sky, where they love the Pepsi

Along the 99 , people scoring more than Gretzky

She said I have a boyfriend, I said I had a fish tank

And it got neglected, and he's a piss tank

Watched her reflect it, over this drink

Shorty I respect It, because we all make mistakes

And I feel connected, but this ain't a 5th date

I know your boyfriend's never sober this late

I'm working double time, on some boss s#$@

And when I come to play I'm looking for a boss b@#$%

I got a few on deck and I can tell they got the boss itch

But they ain't working out, I ain't talking cross fit

If you need a beat, hit me on my Gmail

We can talk some number's than, we discuss the detail's

In the street's of Whiss is where my album retail's

Rocky Mountain express, I ain't ever derailled




Living in the Whiss, one thing I've learned

She ain't your girlfriend, it's just your turn

And shorty's fly, like a flight attendant

And when she dress it up, all the hommies at a short attention

I like this one girl, so I went and put it down

She said she need's a couple year's before she settle's down

Another girl I like, man she never text's me back

And then she text's me out the blue, what's up with that

Life in this Whistler bubble, it get's so cold

People come from around the world, it's like a snow globe

See me in the Pine, like I'm Gene Simmon's 

Ghetto rock star but I ain't f@$#ing any women

I heard you met my friend, she says she want's a 3 way

If she let's me hit it she'll remember like it's D day

bossin in the pine ho, my cd's sell on Ebay

And the cop's is alway's watching ain't providing any leway







I'm affraid to love, I'm affraid to love

I'm affraid to love, but more affraid to love


I'm more affraid to not, I'm more affraid to not

I'm affraid to love, but more affraid to not





I'm affaid to love , more affraid to not

I'm affraid of getting hurt, but more affraid to stop

If I had her in my life I'd give that girl my all

And if she gave herself to me this love would never stall

I'm affraid of love, more affraid to not

I'm affraid of getting hurt, but I'm affraid to stop

If I had her in my life I'd give my girl my all

And if she gives her heart to me this love would never stop

She has some hazel eye's, a mischeivious smile

When  she hit's the dance floor, shorty run's a mile

When I seen her dance, want her in the worst way

Your my cup of tea shorty, and I'm thirsty

Let a hommie take you home administer some first aid

baddest b@$#% up in the club, you deserve a first place

Baddest b@#%$ up in the club, you deserve a first place




Met her on the weekend, celebrating birthday's

with a couple bestie's, shit I've had worse day's

Took her to a taxi, went back to her the condo

Took a bubble bath, her body tight no bondo

Ass like an onion girl, make's me want to cry

So sweet when we're alone I ain't gonna lie

She be all up in my mind working overtime

Got me swerving in the lane, thinking about her when I drive

She's grinding on my dick, while she's bitting on my lip

Sucking on my finger while I'm calling her the badest b@#$%

I told that girl to get it , I ain't even put it in

workin it on top off me she said that she already did

Bad b@#$% at the club, sweet as sugar at the crib

Lady when she's in the street's, freak when we're between the sheet's

I ain't saying I'm in love, but she's got the other's beat

Got me counting down the days, untill the next time we meet







Bounce, bounce, bounce, work

Let me see you make it

Bounce, bounce, bounce, work

Let me see you make it




Girl make it bounce, with every ounce

For the girls with curves, everywhere that count's

Ass talking to me, and it's so prenounced

When she leave's the room, it should be announced

Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave

The way she step's in heels, a sight to be seen

And when she hit's the floor, she makes it bounce for me

She's got them beat, bounce working on the beat

I'm sorry miss if I appear to be lurking

But whatever your doing, it appears to be working

I've been posted in the lab making beat's and merking

Girl your smoking

All the girls in the club, let me see you move it

If you think you're bad, girl you should prove it

All the girl's in the club, let me see you do it

If you think your a bad girl go on prove it




When I put in work, more beat's are bounced

I'm grinding in the lab, and that's all that counts

To blow off some steam, I go and hit the club

Because all work and no play just ain't adding up

If you had enough, bad enough

bounce that for me like your mad and tough

Girl bounce for me, like an mp3

I'm in the lab frequently workin on some beats

If you don't like bass, your in denial

I got bass you can hear for a couple of miles

I'm that club killa, sub godzilla

Bounce to this bumpin beat like it's MJ thrilla

























































































































































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